FLIPBOSS – Learn How To Flip Real Estate Like A Boss

Learn How To Flip Real Estate Like A Boss And Change Your Life Forever. It Only Takes One Decision.

What You Get:

  •  Motivated Seller Marketing Strategies and Templates – Get Started with No Money ($497 Value)
  •  Purchase Contract Pack And Instructions ($297 Value)
  •  Sales Contract Pack And Instructions ($297 Value)
  •  All Contract Addendums and Instructions ($297 Value)
  •  Joint Venture Partnership Agreements: How to start making money immediately with Joint Ventures ($297)
  •  Cancellation of Contract Documents and Instructions ($197 Value)
  •  Seller Scripts – How to talk to Motivated Sellers And Close on Deals ($497 Value)
  •  Buyer Scripts – How to talk to Cash Buyers($497 Value)
  •  Flip Boss Offer Worksheets – How to Comp and Calculate Offers on Properties ($297 Value)
  •  Flip Boss Renovations Cost Estimator – How to calculate Rehab Costs on a Property ($97 Value)
  •  Cash Buyer Marketing Strategies and Templates ($497 Value)
  •  Property Marketing Strategies and Templates – How to Market Properties to Your Cash Buyers ($497 Value)
  •  Full Replay videos of Live Flip Boss Bootcamp Wholesale Real Estate Mentoring Program with Craig Martinez Hours of Video ($1,997)
  •  Access to the Flip Boss Members Only Facebook Group: Continued Mentoring, Support and Collaboration ($797 Value)
  •  Case Studies and Example Deals ($97 Value)
  •  Deal Calculators ($197 Value)
  •  Lead Hacks and Strategies – Get Free Cash Buyer and Motivated Seller Leads using simple hacks ($297 Value)
  •  Using Ringless Voicemail (RVM) Strategies and Scripts to get Motivated Seller Leads for as low as $0.05 ($497 Value)

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